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Plugins pour Dotclear

Administration, Import/Export, Sauvegarde, Outils (page 1)

Tout ce qui apporte des fonctionnalités supplémentaires à l'administration du ou des blogs. Exportation, importation, sauvegarde, outils de maintenance.

dcLatestVersionsLight 1.17

Show the latest available versions of Dotclear in dashboard

ErrorLogger 0.5.11

Error logger for Dotclear2

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 0.14

Display server information on dashboard

sysInfo 1.13.1

System Information

Last Spams Dashboard Module 0.2.2

Display last spams on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 0.6.1

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.6.1

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 0.1.1

Display recently published posts on dashboard

Export Free 0.7.4

Export your blog for Free

dcFree 0.2.2

Adaptation for Free hosting

User defined thumbnails 0.5

Add user defined thumbnails

Static Cache 0.9.1

Blog pages static cache

clean:config 1.4.3

Delete blog and global settings

lePLuginDuJour 1.1

To discover a new plugin per day. A switch in Settings blog. Add in your widgets, for the benefit of your visitors.

License bootstrap 2013.12.01

Add license to your plugins and themes / Ajouter les licences à vos plugins et thèmes

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