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Plugins pour Dotclear

Administration, Import/Export, Sauvegarde, Outils (page 1)

Tout ce qui apporte des fonctionnalités supplémentaires à l'administration du ou des blogs. Exportation, importation, sauvegarde, outils de maintenance.

mail2log 0.1

Do not send mails but log them / Rediriger les mails vers les logs

ErrorLogger 0.8

Error logger for Dotclear2

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.9

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 0.4

Display recently published posts on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 0.9

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Last Spams Dashboard Module 0.5

Display last spams on dashboard

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 0.18

Display server information on dashboard

Translater 2022.11.20

Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes / Traduire vos plugins et thèmes pour Dotclear

Tiny packer 0.5

Quick pack theme or plugin into public dir / Créer rapidement un paquetage d'un theme ou d'un plugin

Expired entries 2022.11.12

Change entries options at a given date / Changer les options des billets à une date donnée

pacKman 2022.11.20

Manage your Dotclear packages

License bootstrap 2022.11.20

Add license to your plugins and themes / Ajouter les licences à vos plugins et thèmes

Advanced cleaner 0.10

Make a huge cleaning of dotclear

Activity report 2.0

Receive your blog activity by email, feed, or on dashboard

Fake Me Up 1.6.2

Fakes Dotclear digest to force automatic updates

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