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Plugins pour Dotclear

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highlightSearch 1.4

Words found after a search take the CSS class \

Discrete category 2.2

Exclude a category from Home and RSS/Atom feed

Comments list 0.5

Display a list of all comments and trackbacks of a blog in a public page / Afficher la liste de tous les commentaires et rétroliens d'un blog dans une page publique

Style sheet 2.0

Another CSS stylesheet for the active theme

smiliesEditor 1.2

Smilies Editor

Carnaval 2.2

Identify comments

Simply favicon 2022.12.23

Multi-agents favicon

Enhance post content 2022.12.21

Add features to words in post content / Amélioration du contenu des billets

Related entries 2.10

Add links to other related posts

Colorbox 3.6

A lightweight customizable lightbox

YASH 2.1

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

Code highlight 1.1

highlight.js for Dotclear

Gravatar 1.1

Add Gravatar/Libravatar images to your posts and comments authors

Ordering category entries 1.1

Set category entries order

a11yConfig 2.2

Implements Access42 accessibility configuration tool

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