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Plugins pour Dotclear

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Code highlight 0.11

highlight.js for Dotclear

Colorbox 3.3.4

A lightweight customizable lightbox

origineConfig 0.6.3-beta

A plugin to customize Origine theme

Comments Wikibar 1.14

Adds a formatting toolbar when public comments use the wiki syntax

Discrete category 1.0

Exclude a category from Home and RSS/Atom feed

Noodles 0.8

Add users gravatars everywhere

Simply favicon 2021.11.06

Multi-agents favicon

Enhance post content 2021.11.13

Add features to words in post content / Amélioration du contenu des billets

Arlequin 1.4

Allows visitors choose a theme

YASH 1.11

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

Featured Media 0.4

Manage featured media for entry

authorMode 1.11

Post entries per author + author desc handling

a11yConfig 1.6

Implements Access42 accessibility configuration tool

lightBox 1.5

lightBox like effect on images using jquery modal

gracefulCut 0.3.1

Gracefully cut_string filter alternative for Dotclear templates

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