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Plugins pour Dotclear

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Related entries 3.10

Add links to other related posts

Colorbox 4.3

A lightweight customizable lightbox

Templates engine 1.5.1

Create and select more templates for your posts

shortArchives 2.0.2

Display blog archives in an accordion menu, sorted by year

Simply favicon 2023.04.23

Multi-agents favicon

Noodles 1.0.1

Add users gravatars everywhere

Style sheet 2.2.1

Another CSS stylesheet for the active theme

Enhance post content 2023.05.13.1

Add features to words in post content

Comments list 0.7

Display a list of all comments and trackbacks of a blog in a public page

Arlequin 2.1

Allows visitors choose a theme

Featured Media 1.0

Manage featured media for entry

externalLinks 5.0.0

Opens external links in a new window

MyPostCategoryIf 0.3

Multi post categories filter

MyCategoryIf 0.2

Multi categories filter

Carnaval 2.3

Identify comments

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