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Plugins pour Dotclear

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Admin More Dates 3.0.1

Display entries creation or update dates

sysInfo 8.8

System Information

socialMeta 5.1

Add social meta to your posts and pages

hscroll 4.2

Horizontal scrollbar

Scheduled Dashboard Module 4.1

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Last Spams Dashboard Module 4.1

Display last spams on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 4.1

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 4.2

Display server information on dashboard

Top writer 1.4

Ranking of the most prolific writers and/or commentators

Entry information list 1.2

Show Entry informations on a widget

My blog numbers 2023.10.19

Show some figures of your blog

Last blog update 2023.10.19

Show the dates of last updates of your blog in a widget

Entry Photo EXIF Widget 1.5

Show images EXIF of an entry

Blog Anniv 2.4

Show number of days before and after a given date

Check store version 0.5

Check plugins and themes available version before update

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