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Plugins pour Dotclear

rédaction-édition (30 plugins - page 1)

Markdown syntax 1.9.1

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

Word Count 0.6.1

Counts characters, words and folios, reading time of entry

utf8mb4 0.2.1

UTF-8 mb4 partial support (posts/pages and comments only)

Typo 1.10.1

Brings smart typographic replacements for your blog entries and comments

Clone Entry 0.4

Make a clone of entry

dcRevisions 0.5

Allows entries's versionning

YASH 1.9

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

noembed Media 0.5

Insert external media from Internet via

wideEdit 0.6.1

Collapse/Expand post's attributes sidebar

Writers 1.4

Invite people to write on your blog

zenEdit 0.7

Zen mode for dcLegacyEditor

Code highlight 0.6

highlight.js for Dotclear

homePageMode2 0.9-beta

Home Page Mode 2 extension

Related Pages 1.6.3

Serve pages & scripts

Posts Translations 1.14

Allows to translate posts

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