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Plugins pour Dotclear

351 plugins disponibles (page 1)

EventHandler 2023.01.27

Manage events on your blog

highlightSearch 1.4

Words found after a search take the CSS class \

mrvbNextDoor 1.9.1

Display posts from other blog of the same multiblog

GalleryInsert 0.5.1

Insert pictures gallery inside your post

My Meta 1.2.1

User-defined metadata management in posts

Google Maps 5.12

Add custom maps to your blog

related Links 1.4.1

Add related links from a post

dcCKEditorAddons 1.0.0

Add CKEditor plugins easily to your blog

sysInfo 2.5.1

System Information

hscroll 1.1

Horizontal scrollbar

mediaSizeClass 1.0

Add CSS classes to images from your public folder

Random Post 1.0.1

Returns a random published post from the blog

Clean URLs 1.1.1

Removes diacritics and punctuation from URLs

Discrete category 2.2

Exclude a category from Home and RSS/Atom feed

dcWikipedia 0.3.1

Search, find and link any word or expression on Wikipedia

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