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Plugins pour Dotclear

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mail2log 0.1

Do not send mails but log them / Rediriger les mails vers les logs

a11yConfig 2.0

Implements Access42 accessibility configuration tool

Code highlight 1.0

highlight.js for Dotclear

growUp 1.0

Force some upgrades

Gravatar 1.0

Add Gravatar/Libravatar images to your posts and comments authors

gracefulCut 1.0

Gracefully cut_string filter alternative for Dotclear templates

Google Tools 1.0

Handles Google tools (Analytics & Webmaster Tools)

Markdown syntax 2.0

Brings you markdown syntax for your entries

Feeds server 2022.11.26

Mix your blog with a feeds planet / Mixer votre blog avec un planet

flocOff 1.5

Disable Google FLoC tracking

Featured Media 0.6

Manage featured media for entry

Fair Email 0.3

Fair Email filter for antispam Dotclear plugin

External Media 1.7

Insert external media from Internet

ErrorLogger 0.8

Error logger for Dotclear2

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.9

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

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