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Plugins pour Dotclear

339 plugins disponibles (page 1)

origineConfig 1.1.1

A plugin to customize Origine theme

externalLinks 4.0.0

Opens external links in a new window

Tidy Administration 1.3

Customize your dotclear administration

Featured Media 0.4.2

Manage featured media for entry

Markdown syntax 1.19

Brings you markdown syntax for your entries

Periodical 2022.05.16

Published periodically entries / Publication périodique de vos billets

Expired entries 2022.04.27

Change entries options at a given date / Changer les options des billets à une date donnée

Code highlight 0.11

highlight.js for Dotclear

mrvbPagination 1.3.2

Advanced Pagination Links

Colorbox 3.3.4

A lightweight customizable lightbox

Google Maps 5.8.5

Add custom maps to your blog

EventHandler 2022.04.09

Manage events on your blog

Related Pages 1.7.4

Serve pages & scripts

noembed Media 0.7.1

Insert external media from Internet via

sysInfo 1.20.3

System Information

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