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Plugins pour Dotclear

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related Links 1.4.2

Add related links from a post

Google Maps 6.10

Add custom maps to your blog

Related entries 3.10

Add links to other related posts

Expired entries 2023.05.21

Change entries options at a given date

ImgWidthAndHeightAdder 1.1.0

Inserts width and height information on img tags.

Colorbox 4.3

A lightweight customizable lightbox

Dates supplémentaires 2.3

Affiche les dates de création et de dernière mise à jour des billets dans l'administration du blog

Feeds server 2023.05.13

Mix your blog with a feeds planet

Whitelist comments 1.2.1

Whitelists for comments moderation

Tweak stores 0.8

Helper to manage external repositories

Translater 2023.05.13

Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes

Top writer 1.2

Ranking of the most prolific writers and/or commentators

Tiny packer 1.1.1

Quick pack theme or plugin into public dir

Mail test 0.4.3

Send a simple mail from admin

Templates engine 1.5.1

Create and select more templates for your posts

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