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Plugins pour Dotclear

Edition, Rédaction, Multimédia, Contenus annexes (page 1)

Ajouter des fonctionnalités au contenu de vos billets, notations, typographie, différenciations des liens, signatures, coloration syntaxique, affichage dynamique de média, etc. Proposer des médias, des fichiers en téléchargement, des listes de liens, …

External Media 1.3

Insert external media from Internet

Featured Media 0.3

Manage featured media for entry

Markdown syntax 1.9

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

hscroll 0.2

Horizontal scrollbar

magnific-popup 0.4

lightBox like effect on images using jquery responsive modal

wideEdit 0.6.1

Collapse/Expand post's attributes sidebar

Tidy Administration 0.10

Customize your dotclear administration

TwentyTwenty 0.3

TwentyTwenty effect for before/after images

utf8mb4 0.2

UTF-8 mb4 partial support (posts/pages and comments only)

Word Count 0.6

Counts characters, words and folios, reading time of entry

Writers 1.4

Invite people to write on your blog

YASH 1.8

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

Related entries 2.6.1

Add links to other related posts

listImages 1.12

List images from entries

zenEdit 0.7

Zen mode for dcLegacyEditor

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