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Plugins pour Dotclear

Edition, Rédaction, Multimédia, Contenus annexes (page 1)

Ajouter des fonctionnalités au contenu de vos billets, notations, typographie, différenciations des liens, signatures, coloration syntaxique, affichage dynamique de média, etc. Proposer des médias, des fichiers en téléchargement, des listes de liens, …

related Links 1.4.2

Add related links from a post

Google Maps 6.10

Add custom maps to your blog

Related entries 3.10

Add links to other related posts

ImgWidthAndHeightAdder 1.1.0

Inserts width and height information on img tags.

Feeds server 2023.05.13

Mix your blog with a feeds planet

Top writer 1.2

Ranking of the most prolific writers and/or commentators

shortArchives 2.0.2

Display blog archives in an accordion menu, sorted by year

Post widget text 2023.05.13

Add a widget with a text related to an entry

Entry information list 1.0

Show Entry informations on a widget

Periodical 2023.05.13

Published periodically entries

URL handlers 2023.05.13

Change Dotclear URL handlers

Noodles 1.0.1

Add users gravatars everywhere

Style sheet 2.2.1

Another CSS stylesheet for the active theme

My blog numbers 2023.04.22

Show some figures of your blog

Moon phases 1.7.1

Display the moon phases on a widget

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