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Plugins pour Dotclear

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sysInfo 2.5.1

System Information

Construction 1.5

Place your blog maintenance

Http password 1.0

Manage .htpasswd file to make the blog private

smiliesEditor 1.2

Smilies Editor

Translater 2022.12.26

Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes / Traduire vos plugins et thèmes pour Dotclear

Expired entries 2022.12.25

Change entries options at a given date / Changer les options des billets à une date donnée

Big Red Button 0.4.0

Fully empties the current blog

Posts list options 2022.12.23

Add some options on admin posts list / Ajoute des options à l'administration des billets

IntegrityCheck 2.1

Checks dotclear installation files integrity

disclaimer 1.0

Add a disclaimer to your blog entrance / Ajoute un avertissement à l'entrée sur le blog

dcLog 1.1.1

Displays Dotclear logs / Afficher les logs Dotclear

pacKman 2022.12.20

Manage your Dotclear packages / Gestion de paquetages Dotclear

Advanced cleaner 0.11

Make a huge cleaning of dotclear

Activity report 2.1

Receive your blog activity by email, feed, or on dashboard

User defined thumbnails 1.1

Add user defined thumbnails

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