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Plugins pour Dotclear

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ErrorLogger 0.6.2

Error logger for Dotclear2

sysInfo 1.17

System Information

Periodical 2021.10.30

Published periodically entries / Publication périodique de vos billets

Advanced cleaner 0.9

Make a huge cleaning of dotclear

pacKman 2021.11.06

Manage your Dotclear packages

Translater 2021.11.06

Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes / Traduire vos plugins et thèmes pour Dotclear

postTitleAutonum 0.2

Auto numbering of duplicate titles

Expired entries 2021.09.10

Change entries options at a given date / Changer les options des billets à une date donnée

Static Cache 1.0

Blog pages static cache

External Media 1.4

Insert external media from Internet

zenEdit 0.8

Zen mode for dcLegacyEditor

wideEdit 0.7

Collapse/Expand post's attributes sidebar

Tidy Administration 0.12

Customize your dotclear administration

PrivateMode 1.11

Protect your blog with a password

maxEdit 0.4

Maximize mode for dcLegacyEditor

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