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Plugins pour Dotclear

administration (63 plugins - page 1)

sysInfo 1.10

System Information

wideEdit 0.6.1

Collapse/Expand post's attributes sidebar

Tidy Administration 0.10

Customize your dotclear administration

Word Count 0.6

Counts characters, words and folios, reading time of entry

zenEdit 0.7

Zen mode for dcLegacyEditor

a11yConfig 1.5

Implements Access42 accessibility configuration tool

maxEdit 0.2

Maximize mode for dcLegacyEditor

Markdown syntax 1.8

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

Export Free 0.7.4

Export your blog for Free

dcFree 0.2.2

Adaptation for Free hosting

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.5.1

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 0.1

Display recently published posts on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 0.5

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 0.9

Display server information on dashboard

Last Spams Dashboard Module 0.1

Display last spams on dashboard

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