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Plugins pour Dotclear

administration (69 plugins - page 2)

User defined thumbnails 2.5.1

Add user defined thumbnails

tweakURLs 4.4

Tweaks you posts URLs

Tidy Administration 5.3.1

Customize your dotclear administration

sysInfo 4.25

System Information

Static Cache 2.4.1

Blog pages static cache

smiliesEditor 2.4.1

Smilies Editor

PrivateMode 3.5.1

Protect your blog with a password

postTitleAutonum 2.3.2

Auto numbering of duplicate titles

Media Navigator 3.2.1

Navigate between media in folder

multipleMedia 3.3.3

Insert multiple media

maxEdit 2.2.1

Maximize mode for dcLegacyEditor

IntegrityCheck 3.3.1

Checks dotclear installation files integrity

External Media 3.4.3

Insert external media from Internet

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 2.3.2

Display recently published posts on dashboard

Scheduled Dashboard Module 2.5

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

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