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Plugins pour Dotclear

administration (69 plugins - page 2)

IntegrityCheck 5.1

Checks dotclear installation files integrity

External Media 5.1

Insert external media from Internet

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 4.1

Display recently published posts on dashboard

ErrorLogger 4.1

Error logger for Dotclear2

Scheduled Dashboard Module 4.1

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Last Spams Dashboard Module 4.1

Display last spams on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 4.1

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 4.2

Display server information on dashboard

Clone Entry 5.1

Make a clone of entry

dcRevisions 5.2

Allows entries versionning

a11yConfig 5.1

Implements Access42 accessibility configuration tool

Translater 2023.11.04

Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes

Posts list options 2023.10.20

Add some options on admin posts list

Periodical 2023.11.04

Published periodically entries

Expired entries 2023.11.04

Change entries options at a given date

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