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Plugins pour Dotclear

multimedia (23 plugins - page 1)

User defined thumbnails 4.1

Add user defined thumbnails

Media Navigator 5.1

Navigate between media in folder

noembed Media 4.1

Insert external media from Internet via

lazyLoading 5.1

Implements lazy loading attribute for images and iframes

Featured Media 4.1

Manage featured media for entry

External Media 5.1

Insert external media from Internet

adaptiveImages 3.2

Implements the 3-layers technique for Adaptive Images generation (by Nursit)

Colorbox 5.0

A lightweight customizable lightbox

Files alias 1.2.1

Manage aliases of your blog's media

Cinecturlink 2 2.3.1

Widgets and pages about books, musics, films, blogs you are interested in

GalleryInsert 0.6.1

Insert pictures gallery inside your post

magnific-popup 1.1

lightBox like effect on images using jquery responsive modal

Weather+ 1.3

Web interface to configure the weather display / Interface Web pour configurer l'affichage de la météo

Gallery 0.5

Image Gallery for Dotclear2

VideoInsert 0.361

Simply insert video from youtube, dailymotion, ... | Insérez aisément des vidéos à vos billets

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