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Plugins pour Dotclear

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dcWikipedia 0.3.2

Search, find and link any word or expression on Wikipedia

mrvbNextDoor 1.9.1

Display posts from other blog of the same multiblog

related Links 1.4.1

Add related links from a post

shortURL 0.7.1

Provides a short URL for posts and comments

Links shortener 2022.12.22

Use, create and serve short url on your blog / Utiliser, créer et servir des liens court sur votre blog

Files alias 0.7.1

Manage aliases of your blog's media / Gérer les alias des média de votre blog

Related entries 2.10

Add links to other related posts

alias 1.4.1

Create aliases of your blog's URLs / Créer des alias des URLs du blog

socialShare 2.1

Add social networks sharing buttons to your posts and pages

bigfoot 0.8

Empowering footnotes

Related Pages 1.8.2

Serve pages & scripts

Blogroll Page 2

Show your blogroll on a dedicated page

meuh 0.3

My Entries Url Historizer, keeps an history of post_urls on public side

RssFlux 1.6

Liens vers un Flux RSS de votre choix

QR code 2011.08.10

Create and use QR code on your blog \ Créer et utiliser les code QR sur votre blog

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