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Plugins pour Dotclear

widget (79 plugins - page 2)

CountDown 2.4.1

Countdown and stopwatch

Comments list 0.9.2

Display a list of all comments and trackbacks of a blog in a public page

Categories Page 1.3.2

Add a public page for categories list

Cinecturlink 2 2.3.1

Widgets and pages about books, musics, films, blogs you are interested in

Arlequin 2.5.1

Allows visitors choose a theme

Related pages 1.9.0

Serve pages & scripts

mrvbNextDoor 1.9.3

Display posts from other blog of the same multiblog

mrvbDeltaDate 0.2.1

Number of days between two dates

mrvbCustomWidgets 0.5.2

Mrvb customizations of DC2 widgets

Menu 2.0.2

Manage your menu

mrvbSidebar 1.0

customization of sidebar

acronyms 1.7.6

Add, remove and modify acronyms for the wiki syntax

Blogroll Page 2

Show your blogroll on a dedicated page

infoEntry 1.2.2

Display all information on current entry / Afficher toutes les informations sur le billet courant

Rate it 2.2.2

Rating system for your blogs

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