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Plugins pour Dotclear 2

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Tag Flash 1.2.2

Flash based Tag Cloud for Dotclear

YASH 1.3

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

highlightSearch 1.3.6

Words found after a search take the CSS class found

Colorbox 3.0

Une lightbox légère et cofigurable

ComListe 0.2

Plugin for printing comments list

shortArchives 1.5

Display complete archives of your blog displayed in an accordion

listImages 1.10

List images from entries

Billets connexes 2.5.7

Add links to other related posts / Ajouter des liens vers des billets connexes

Comments Wikibar 1.8

Adds a formatting toolbar when public comments use the wiki syntax

My Favicon 0.7

Add a customized favicon to your blog / Ajouter un favicon à votre blog

externalLinks 3.3.1

Opens external links in a new window

Blogroll Page 1.1.2

Show your blogroll on a dedicated page

Hide useless messages 0.2

Select and highlight interresting comments / Mettre en avant certains commentaires ou l'inverse

lightBox 1.3.1

lightBox like effect on images using jquery modal

TwentyTwenty 0.2

TwentyTwenty effect for before/after images

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