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Plugins pour Dotclear

313 plugins disponibles (page 1)

Markdown syntax 1.5.1

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

bigfoot 0.3

Empowering footnotes

mrvbPagination 1.1.0

Advanced Pagination Links

Typo 1.8.1

Brings smart typographic replacements for your blog entries and comments

dotsphere 0.2

Adds a button to easily insert a PhotoSphere inside a post

Stop Forum Spam 0.2

Stop Forum Spam filter for antispam Dotclear plugin

Last Comments Dashboard Module 0.9.1

Display last comments on dashboard

adaptiveImages 0.8

Implements the 3-layers technique for Adaptive Images generation (by Nursit)

tagDescription 0.4.1

Add description for tags

socialMeta 0.3.1

Add social meta to your posts and pages

dcCKEditorAddons 0.3.3

Add CKEditor plugins easily to your blog

Export Free 0.7.3

Export your blog for Free

YASH 1.5

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

Browser notifications 0.4

Display notifications in your web browser

Rosetta 0.4.1

Manage post/page translations

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