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Plugins pour Dotclear

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mrvbNextDoor 1.8.13

Display posts from other blog of the same multiblog / Affiche certains billets d'autres blogs du même multiblog

meuh 0.3

My Entries Url Historizer, keeps an history of post_urls on public side

gracefulCut 0.2

Gracefully cut_string filter alternative for Dotclear templates

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.3

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Last Comments Dashboard Module 1.1

Display last comments on dashboard

dotsphere 0.3.1

Adds a button to easily insert a PhotoSphere inside a post

Sitemaps 1.3.3

Add XML Sitemaps

dcCKEditorAddons 0.3.4

Add CKEditor plugins easily to your blog

Signal 0.2

Private comments to the author

socialMeta 0.3.4

Add social meta to your posts and pages

sysInfo 1.8.3

System Information

utf8mb4 0.1

UTF-8 mb4 partial support (posts/pages and comments only)

YASH 1.7

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

dcFree 0.2.1

Adaptation for Free hosting

Static Cache 0.9.1

Blog pages static cache

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