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Plugins pour Dotclear

332 plugins disponibles (page 1)

adaptiveImages 0.9

Implements the 3-layers technique for Adaptive Images generation (by Nursit)

AddToAny 0.4

Add AddToAny sharing tool to your posts and pages

bigfoot 0.4

Empowering footnotes

Clone Entry 0.4

Make a clone of entry

ContactMe 1.9

Add a simple contact form on your blog

Discrete category 0.6

Exclude a category from Home and RSS/Atom feed

Autosave 0.7

Autosave entry during edition

dcRevisions 0.5

Allows entries's versionning

dcScript 2.1.2

Add script for DC 2.8+

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 0.10

Display server information on dashboard

Last Comments Dashboard Module 1.4

Display last comments on dashboard

Rétrocontrôle 2.3

Trackback validity check

sysInfo 1.11

System Information

Tidy Administration 0.11

Customize your dotclear administration

YASH 1.9

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

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