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Plugins pour Dotclear

334 plugins disponibles (page 1)

Google Maps 5.7.6

Add custom maps to your blog

Related Pages 1.7.0

Serve pages & scripts

Colorbox 3.3

A lightweight customizable lightbox

ePUB maker 0.9.2

Export des billets dans un fichier ePUB - Export content in ePUB file

Series 1.0.2

Series of posts

Sitemaps 1.4

Add XML Sitemaps

flocOff 1.2

Disable Google FLoC tracking

dcLatestVersionsLight 1.17

Show the latest available versions of Dotclear in dashboard

ContactMe 1.13

Add a simple contact form on your blog

ErrorLogger 0.5.11

Error logger for Dotclear2

magnific-popup 0.6

lightBox like effect on images using jquery responsive modal

EventHandler 2021.02.08

Manage events on your blog

dcRevisions 0.5.1

Allows entries's versionning

Signal 0.4

Private comments to the author

Tidy Administration 0.11.1

Customize your dotclear administration

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