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Plugins pour Dotclear

316 plugins disponibles (page 1)

+1 Button 1.0.1

Google +1 button for each post

YASH 1.6.2

Yet Another Syntax Highlighter

Menu 1.9.1

Manage your menu / Gérez votre menu

sysInfo 1.4

System Information

Google Maps 5.4

Add custom maps to your blog

clean:config 1.4.3

Delete blog and global settings

Rosetta 0.5

Manage post/page translations

dcScript 2.0.1

Add script for DC 2.8+

Rétrocontrôle 2.2.4

Trackback validity check

Tidy Administration 0.4

Customize your dotclear administration

Featured Media 0.1

Manage featured media for entry

mrvbPagination 1.3.0

Advanced Pagination Links

tweakURLs 1.0

Tweaks you posts URLs

Typo 1.9

Brings smart typographic replacements for your blog entries and comments

Markdown syntax 1.5.1

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

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