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Plugins pour Dotclear

343 plugins disponibles (page 3)

My Meta 1.0

User-defined metadata management in posts

myFavs 1.0

Add favorite capabilities to all plugins

multipleMedia 2.0

Insert multiple media

maxEdit 1.0

Maximize mode for dcLegacyEditor

listImages 2.0

List images from entries

lightBox 2.0

lightBox like effect on images using jquery modal

hscroll 1.0

Horizontal scrollbar

Code highlight 1.0.1

highlight.js for Dotclear

growUp 1.0.1

Force some upgrades

Gravatar 1.0.1

Add Gravatar/Libravatar images to your posts and comments authors

Google Tools 1.0.1

Handles Google tools (Analytics & Webmaster Tools)

flocOff 2.0

Disable Google FLoC tracking

Markdown syntax 2.0.1

Brings you markdown syntax for your entries

External Media 2.0

Insert external media from Internet

Scheduled Dashboard Module 1.0

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

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