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Plugins pour Dotclear

332 plugins disponibles (page 3)

lazyLoading 1.0

Implements lazy loading attribute for images and iframes

socialMeta 0.5.1

Add social meta to your posts and pages

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.5.1

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Recently Published Posts Dashboard Module 0.1

Display recently published posts on dashboard

Pending Dashboard Module 0.5

Display pending posts and comments on dashboard

Last Comments Dashboard Module 1.3

Display last comments on dashboard

socialShare 1.1

Add social networks sharing buttons to your posts and pages

Hosting Monitor Dashboard Module 0.9

Display server information on dashboard

Last Spams Dashboard Module 0.1

Display last spams on dashboard

Blogroll Page 2

Show your blogroll on a dedicated page

EventHandler 2019.04.05

Manage events on your blog

accessConfig 0.9.3

dotclear accessConfig integration

dcRevisions 0.4

Allows entries's versionning

Fair Email 0.1.1

Fair Email filter for antispam Dotclear plugin

mrvbCustomWidgets 0.4.12

Mrvb customizations of DC2 widgets

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