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Plugins pour Dotclear

339 plugins disponibles (page 4)

Typo 1.12.1

Brings smart typographic replacements for your blog entries and comments

Fair Email 0.2

Fair Email filter for antispam Dotclear plugin

Featured Media 0.5

Manage featured media for entry

Code highlight 0.12

highlight.js for Dotclear

listImages 1.13

List images from entries

maxEdit 0.6

Maximize mode for dcLegacyEditor

Media Navigator 1.4

Navigate between media in folder

noembed Media 0.8

Insert external media from Internet via

PrivateMode 1.12

Protect your blog with a password

Rétrocontrôle 2.5

Trackback validity check

socialMeta 0.7

Add social meta to your posts and pages

Static Cache 1.2

Blog pages static cache

Stop Forum Spam 0.3

Stop Forum Spam filter for antispam Dotclear plugin

User defined thumbnails 0.6

Add user defined thumbnails

Word Count 1.2

Counts characters, words and folios, reading time of entry

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