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Plugins pour Dotclear

327 plugins disponibles (page 2)

Code highlight 0.5

highlight.js for Dotclear

shortArchives 1.8.1

Display blog archives in an accordion menu, sorted by year / Afficher les archives du blog dans un menu accordéon, trié par années

Menu 1.9.3

Manage your menu

infoEntry 1.2.2

Display all information on current entry / Afficher toutes les informations sur le billet courant

ComListe 0.4.2

Display a list of all comments and trackbacks of a blog in a public page / Afficher la liste de tous les commentaires et rétroliens d'un blog dans une page publique

acronyms 1.7.5

Add, remove and modify acronyms for the wiki syntax

Subscribe to comments 1.4-alpha10

Subscribe to comments by email

Markdown syntax 1.7

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

Gravatar 0.8.1

Add Gravatar/Libravatar images to your posts and comments authors

Last Comments Dashboard Module 1.2

Display last comments on dashboard

EventHandler 2018.01.25

Manage events on your blog

Rétrocontrôle 2.2.6

Trackback validity check

Tidy Administration 0.8.1

Customize your dotclear administration

hscroll 0.1.1

Horizontal scrollbar

mrvbSidebar 0.0.5

customization of sidebar

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