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Plugins pour Dotclear

307 plugins disponibles (page 2)


Mrvb customizations of DC2 widgets

sysInfo 1.1.3

System Information

Clone Entry 0.3

Make a clone of entry

filesAlias 0.6

Manage aliases of your blog's medias / Gérer les alias des médias de votre blog

mrvbNextDoor 1.8.8

Display posts from other blog of the same multiblog / Affiche des billets d'autres blogs du même multiblog

mrvbDeltaDate 0.1.3

Number of days between two dates / Nombre de jours entre deux dates

My Über Personnal Post Extra Types 1.4.0RC

Create and manage entries with others post types

Agora 1.2RC5

Stuff to build a community (forum, wiki)

AddToAny 0.2.3

Add AddToAny sharing tool to your posts and pages

shortArchives 1.8

Display blog archives in an accordion menu, sorted by year / Afficher les archives du blog dans un menu accordéon, trié par années

Breadcrumb 0.6.1

Breadcrumb for Dotclear

related Links 1.2.0

Add related links from a post

SpamOut 1.5

Ban spammers in your blog using RBL

Newsletter 3.9.6

Manage your newsletters in Dotclear 2

listImages 1.11

List images from entries

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