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Plugins pour Dotclear

324 plugins disponibles (page 3)

AddToAny 0.3.1

Add AddToAny sharing tool to your posts and pages

Scheduled Dashboard Module 0.2

Display scheduled posts on dashboard

Gravatar 0.6

Add Gravatar images to your posts and comments authors

Last entries (Extended) 2016.10.24

Extended list of entries / Widget deniers billets étendu

Google Maps 5.7

Ajouter des cartes personnalisées dans votre blog

Markdown syntax 1.6

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

mrvbDeltaDate 0.1.4

Number of days between two dates

mrvbSidebar 0.0.4

customization of sidebar

externalLinks 3.4.0

Opens external links in a new window

Rosetta 0.6

Manage post/page translations

Last Comments Dashboard Module 1.0

Display last comments on dashboard

Tidy Administration 0.6

Customize your dotclear administration

User defined thumbnails 0.4

Add user defined thumbnails

magnific-popup 0.3

lightBox like effect on images using jquery responsive modal

multiToc 1.11

Makes posts or content's tables of content / Créer des tables des matières pour une liste de billet ou le contenu d'un billet

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