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Plugins pour Dotclear

administration (57 plugins - page 1)

sysInfo 1.4

System Information

clean:config 1.4.3

Delete blog and global settings

Tidy Administration 0.4

Customize your dotclear administration

tweakURLs 1.0

Tweaks you posts URLs

Markdown syntax 1.5.1

Brings you markdown (extra) syntax for your entries (see

Export Free 0.7.3

Export your blog for Free

zenEdit 0.6

Zen mode for dcLegacyEditor

External Media 1.1

Insert external media from Internet

Word Count 0.5

Counts characters, words and folios of edited entry

disclaimer 0.9

Add a disclaimer to your blog entrance / Ajoute un avertissement à l'entrée sur le blog

Clone Entry 0.3

Make a clone of entry

PrivateMode 1.8.1

Protect your blog with a password

LiTraAk 0.4.5

Light bug tracker plugin for Dotclear.

Static Cache 0.9

Blog pages static cache

pacKman 2013.11.15

Manage your Dotclear packages / Créateur de paquetage pour plugins et thèmes

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