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Plugins pour Dotclear

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dcScript 2.0.1

Add script for DC 2.8+

listImages 1.11

List images from entries

MyPostCategoryIf 0.2

Multi post categories filter / Filtre sur les catégories dans le contexte billet seul

My Favicon 0.8.1

Add a customized favicon to your blog / Ajouter un favicon à votre blog

lePLuginDuJour 1.1

To discover a new plugin per day. A switch in Settings blog. Add in your widgets, for the benefit of your visitors.

Arlequin 1.1

Allows visitors choose a theme / Permettre aux visiteurs de choisir un thème

Tag Flash 1.2.3

Flash based Tag Cloud for Dotclear

highlightSearch 1.3.6

Words found after a search take the CSS class found

Billets connexes 2.5.7

Add links to other related posts / Ajouter des liens vers des billets connexes

Comments Wikibar 1.8

Adds a formatting toolbar when public comments use the wiki syntax

Hide useless messages 0.2

Select and highlight interresting comments / Mettre en avant certains commentaires ou l'inverse

lightBox 1.3.1

lightBox like effect on images using jquery modal

TwentyTwenty 0.2

TwentyTwenty effect for before/after images

Enhance post content 2013.11.08

Add features to words in post content

Discrete category 0.5

Exclude a category from Home and RSS/Atom feed

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